Małgorzata Pasternak DDS, MP PhD (Dentist)

Specialist in Periodontics

Doctor Małgorzata Pasternak graduated from Medical University in Kracow. She further received an MD PhD degree at the Jagiellonian University in 1996. She then moved on to 1st degree specialist in general dentistry during postgraduate studies and in 1999 became a 2nd degree specialist in periodontology, passing these exams with distinction. She then worked as a senior academic lecturer at the Dental Institute of Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University in Kracow for several years.

Alongside her university work, Dr Pasternak is also a highly regarded instructor, providing advanced periodontology training to dentists thenselves. She has participated in over 100 congresses, seminars and courses on periodontics and published 20 scientific papers.

Dr Pasternak is a leading expert in the field of periodontology. Due to her emphatic support and excellent personality she builds a long-term relationship with patients. With her host of qualifications, she represents the best periodontology that Kracow can offer.

English, Russian
+48 690 808 840
PWZ: 1980831
24 years of experience

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