CT scan (Computertomography) – we offer our patients the most modern CT scan KODAK CS 9300, a state-of-the-art radiologic diagnostics on place at INDEXMEDICA. The CT scan is necessary before treatment with implants and in case of some illnesses of upper and lower jaw bones, temporo-mandibular joints and maxillary sinus. The radiation dose is 75% – 90% lower compared to conventional devices (spiral CT scan). Precise 3D images and 1:1 scale. Short exposition time. Comfortable for the patient.

At INDEXMEDICA dental clinic nothing is left to chance, that’s why we have introduced computer planning of implant treatment. Patients who are suitable for implants, have a CT scan examination of upper or lower jaw done at our fully digital X-ray room with our KODAK 9300 CT scanner. Thanks to the special KODAK software the surgeon can precisely analyze the structure and size of the natural bone and assess the type, size, amount and area of implantation, to optimize the quality and durability of treatment results and to minimize potential risk of destroying important anatomic structures e.g. nerves. Thanks to the 3D model of patient’s jaws it is also possible to assess possible indications for Guided Bone Regeneration (so called bone grafting procedures) and for lifting of the sinus (so called sinus – lift).

Additionally, planning of the dental treatment and 3D reconstruction in the software allows the patient to see his own jaws with virtually placed implants and new teeth before the treatment.

The best quality of 3D CT scans and minimal radiation dose – your safety is our priority

  • Scanning of teeth, upper and lower jaw as well as sinuses
  • Endodontic microtomography – pictures of single teeth in the highest resolution, especially helpful in difficult endodontic (root canal) treatments
  • 3D Simulations of  treatment with implants, bone grafting, as well as the precise location of vital structures (eg. nerves)