Our offer:

Dental implants

are tried and tested method
to replace your missing teeth.

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Crowns / Bridges / Veneers / Dentures

Damaged and decayed teeth can be aesthetically repaired in many ways, so that you can smile with confidence again.

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Root canal treatment

makes is possible to save even heavily damaged teeth. When using a 3D CBCT for diagnostics and dental microscope for treatment, no rct is too complicated.

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Teeth whitening

White teeth in just 1 hour with Beyond office-whitening system. Safe and fast whitening

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Decayed, carious teeth can be repaired with white fillings. We use only the best and the newest
composite materials and connecting systems.

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Periodontal treatment & Oral hygiene

Healthy gums are the base for healthy teeth. Our specialist in periodontics offers comprehensive perio care.

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CT scan/3D X-ray

Thorough diagnostics is crucial for excellent treatment results. That's why we offer our patients the most advanced CT scanner by CS KODAK 9300 - available on site.

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