Dental implants are the perfect solution for patients who lost some or all of their teeth. There is a vast variety of options - depending on your personal situation.
Implants can be used if you miss just a single tooth, but we can also use them if you have no teeth at all - then we can place 4 or 6 implants and make implant-supported dentures or porcelain bridges.
We offer implants made of biocompatible Titanium.
At INDEXMEDICA we use only high quality implants.
Osstem, GC Aadva & MIS Titanium implants are covered by a lifelong guarantee for the implant screws (material defects).
In case of implant loss or damage because of material defects or implant damages requiring its removal patient who decides to have the implant re-placed, receives the implant screw free of charge, under the guarantee.

Before commencing the treatment, we perform full assessment, including consultation, examination and analyses of 3D CT-scans, which can be made at our on-site full digital X-ray room. We have a CS KODAK CT-scanner that guarantees precise and safe diagnostics - to offer you successful treatment.



GC Implantater

MIS implantater


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